We are living in the most dynamic and changing time in the history of ideas, one that is fueled by the availability of radical new ways of thinking outside of conventional academic circles. Each day, a startling revelation from scientists, a new headline found on the Internet, or exposure to a foreign way of interpreting the world shifts our understanding.

Gone are the settled times when ideas slowly bubbled out of universities or laboratories. In our era of social media, self-publishing, YouTube, and podcasts the flow of ideas is rapid, accelerating and incessant. Our new levels of access are liberating because there is no longer a set of “experts” who regulate what we read, view, or upload. However, what comes through for us in all this noise can often be fragmented and jumbled. It is hard to understand deep issues when we only get exposed to them in a 19-minute TED Talk, a Reddit post, or a tweet. This lack of context can be confusing.

In this simple website and set of articles, we will walk through some of the most explosive game-changing ideas in the world today and will show that there is actually quite a bit of support and context for some the more outrageous things being said. What are these new ideas that have more philosophical and historical backing than you might expect? They range from chaos magic, DMT sessions, quantum teleportation, and even haunted houses all the way through to strong critiques of both the scientific method and what we all generally believe to be “real.” Investigating these new ideas are a wide and growing range of academics and public intellectuals.

We will see that our understanding of “reality” will never be the same. It could very well be the case that we are going through a true shift in our worldview that changes centuries of our beliefs.

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